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    Our factory designed and manufacture the product to meet the electrical engineering in the narrow streets or regional of rural town erect  poles. Its turning radius is small, the overall structure is short, suitable for use in roadway or water network areas, which greatly saves the manpower and solve the security problem of erecting poles artificially. This product is deeply loved by electric power construction unit!

    The transformation of the weapon about the rural power network
    ------Write up Dongtai Beverly Construction Machinery Factory innovating the  hoisting drilling machine.
    Along with our country economy development and the pace of rural urbanization faster and faster, higher and higher to the demand of electric power facilities in the countryside, each year our country has invested heavily to transform rural power network. In view of this situation , combined with the problems encountered in rural electric power construction, our factory successfully invented the tractor hoisting drilling machine after nearly a year of research and development of our technical personnel.This invention filled the gaps in the country and win several national patents.
    The tractor hoisting drilling machine upcycled the existing agricultural tractor,Using the advantages of tractor cross-country performance , strong power, wide application,etc, on the basis of original performance ,we  installed drilling machine and hoisting machine.  Ingeniously using the arm of the hoisting machine of variable amplitude and flexibility and rotation, it makes drilling follow one’s inclinations, positioning is accurate and convenient , drilling process of adjustment is very convenient. This machine is full hydraulic control, safe and reliable, its five supporting legs are automatic telescopic to bear, lifting with perforating depth automatically adjust. Due to the performance of tractor was not changed, during busy seasons this integrated machine can be fully conveniently dismounted ,hang up the agricultural machinery to undertake various kinds of farmland homework. The advent of the invented product found  a new way for rural idle tractor to increase the income of farmers.
    Now our factory further according to the specific situation of rural various regions,  manufactures the tractor hoisting drilling machine to adapt to various regions, which makes greater contribution to rural development and income of the peasant brothers.

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